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Street photography in New York City

New York

The city of New York, commonly known as the big apple, offers us various magnificent cityscapes.

Take a look at my shots  !


Last summer, I spent my days wandering in the streets of Manhattan, in New York. On a bright sunny day, I decided to do a photographic excursion into the city. I took a pair of trainers, a backpack and the most important : my camera Canon 7D 17 55. Walking in the street, I felt astonished by the architecture that some buildings offer.

This picture below is a mix of billboards and skyscrapers. I took this photograph from a low angle shot, with the natural light of the morning. The color blue of the billboard gives us a strong and vivid contrast with the less colorful buildings in the background. It seems that the foreground pops up out of the background, as if it wanted to come real and to escape from the frame of the picture.


I shot this picture at ISO 200;  f/4,5;  1/160s with my Canon 7D 15 77

New York City
Photo by Diandra Galia


Here is another picture I took in the streets of New York, in midtown Manhattan. It is once again a low angle shot. I shot it at ISO 200;  f/4,5;  1/1600s with the same Canon 7D 17 55.

New York
Photo by Diandra Galia

I decided in the editing to put it in black and white in order to focus on the shapes and the contrasts  in lights. Colors are meant to attract, and cause things to catch our attention. Still, even without color, black and white images are a mainstay of our craft, and are powerful representations of the artistic spirit. It is difficult when one is shooting, to immediately think whether the picture should be in color or in black and white. But the more you force yourself to look past what is readily apparent, the more you will learn to almost see in black and white. On this particular picture, I mainly focused on the shapes of these skyscrapers. The low angle shot enables to put an emphasis on this sense of verticality. We can imagine ourselves very tiny compared to these huge and tall buildings. It reminds us of our small place in this gigantic world.



New York
Photo by Diandra Galia

I like the angle from which I shot this picture. We can almost feel the speed of the car driving through the alley.



At last, here is a photograph of a skyscraper in Hell’s Kitchen in midtown Manhattan. What I really love about this shot is the way the clouds reflect on the building, as if it was part of the sky.

New York


New York is a great city to take urban pictures. The streets display a lot of vertical buildings and bright-colored billboards. The architecture is unique. I highly recommend this destination for the fans of street photography. All the more so as New York is one of the most urbanized cities in the world and a center for artistic experiences.

I thank the Misses Wanderlust for letting me post on their blog.


Article written by Diandra Galia.

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