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Au pair in Northern Ireland

 Hey. I'm very excited to share with you my first article in English ! Today, I would like to give to my readers an overview of my past experience as an au pair. 

When I was 20, I spent several months as an au pair in Northern Ireland. Besides, it is a strange sensation because I feel like it was yesterday ! When I arrived in Ballymena my English wasn’t very good and it was so different from my original town in the French Riviera. At first, I didn’t know what to say because I was too scared to talk. I think that you can see from the beginning whether it is going to work or not. On the first day, my au pair mother said to me :  » If you like nail polish, you can use one of mine  » . She had such a large collection of nail polish . Well,  let me think about it… YES, thank you !!! It is at this moment, that I thought : Yes it’s going to be great ! I looked after 3 children : a ten-year-old girl  and two boys of thirteen and sixteen years old. They were really independent. Indeed, they  were basically doing everything by themselves. I was more playing the role of a supervisor/sister. Did I mention that my au pair father was an amazing cook and even better than Gordon Ramsey ? I’m telling you ! My au pair mother was the best ! She was really supportive, always well dressed  and super cool. On the first week, she showed me the city, she explained me how to take the bus, and mentioned simple things but which turned out to be very helpful. I don’t know if all Irish people are like that, but every member of the family was just so adorable, her sister would pick me up to drive me to college almost each Wednesday … Seriously who does that ?  They treated me as if I were part of the family and I didn’t have the feeling to « work for them « . One day, they took me to a country club and I was so impressed by this amazing place, that I had bragged  about it to my friends for days. We went to concerts, stunning restaurants and famous Irish spots. At the end of my au pair experience, when I had to get back to France I cried like a baby at the airport (  I’m still in touch with them ). 
Being an au pair can be the best or the worst experience. You really need to be positive while you’re there and try to enjoy every moment.

Some tips :

  • If you want to improve your English it’s better to choose a family with teenagers because you can have « real  » talks with them. I mean the girl I looked after was the coolest kid ever. Very mature and so hilarious. We had the same hobbies ( which is weird because I’m 10 years older than her) I felt like we were friends and she was only ten years old. When I was off on weekends, we used to go shopping or do other things such as trampoline, baking and dancing battles. ( LOL ) 
  • If you have a profound dislike for children… Well, don’t try to convince yourself that you will handle it because you won’t !


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